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Did you ever read those Choose Your Own Adventure books when you were little? Or maybe your kids are reading them today.

Anyway, we always found it kind of exciting to be able to have that control of the outcome of the story. And that’s what we’re talking about today. How you can take back control of your design. And the outcome of your building project’s story.

Through our Design Your Porcelain program, as described below and in this month’s project example. Or even if you use one of our wide range of available colors and textures, our article highlights some of the features you’ll find in every one of our porcelain panels you choose.

Let your adventure begin…

Your Porcelain Cladding Resource

Take your building facade design to the next level by designing your own unique porcelain cladding material

Let’s just say, after looking through the 300+ porcelain colors and textures in our Stone, Concrete, Metal, Wood, Technic and Decorative Porcelain Series featured in our catalog…

…You still haven’t found the just-right perfect porcelain façade panel. It happens. We get it. After all, we’re designers, too. That’s why we’ve created the “Design Your Porcelain” Program.

Now you – the architect can design your own stone!

You can create a unique, signature porcelain panel no other building or designer has. Giving your client’s building facade an exclusive look you’ll both be proud of. But not necessarily at the higher costs usually associated with “custom.”

First step: Check out the colors and textures we have available in our full-color catalog here. If you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for, give us a call at 1.866.FACHADA, and you can learn more about our Design Your Porcelain program today!

Your Porcelain Cladding Project Example

The Clare

Location: Manhattan, NY
Architect: Manuel Glas Architects
Building Typologies: Multi-Family; New Construction; High-Rise
Year Constructed: 2016
Porcelain Cladding Used: 27,000 SF
Colors: Glas Limestone (Custom)

Here’s a link to see more images and details about this beautiful example of a custom color developed through our “Design Your Porcelain” program.

But you don’t have to take our word for it… Here’s what the architect had to say about this project’s challenges, choosing exterior porcelain cladding, and working with our team:

“We first looked at using Porcelanosa Facades in 2012, for the [project]. But their system hadn’t been approved by any codes yet, so they were still testing the products. Our main concern at that time, was if the material for the upper walls would pass the testing. And if they would arrive on the job site on time.

Luckily, they did get the approvals on time, and everything worked out well. Making The Clare the first project completed in the New York City area using Porcelanosa Facade’s cladding system.

We’ve found Porcelanosa’s exterior cladding system to be excellent. The system is extremely flexible and offers a level of design versatility that’s very difficult to achieve with natural stone. It allows for many types of arrangements – vertical, horizontal, or both. The open joint system of the ventilated façade, the ease of installation, and the durability of the porcelain are qualities that inspire the treatment of your facades in new ways.

Plus, the almost unlimited variation of colors, patterns and finishes for their porcelain panels allows the development of cladding concepts that reinforce the ideas of a stone massing. Also, you can customize finishes and shapes.

We finished The Clare project in 2015 and now we’re doing another project with the same system. The porcelain for The Clare was custom matched to an existing limestone sample our firm provided. So, for both projects, we’ve selected custom finishes and colors.

Another big benefit of using Porcelanosa’s cladding system is it has the advantage of being a much lighter system than using natural stone. You’ll find enormous savings in the fact that porcelain tile is no more than 1/2 inch thick. When compared to 2 to 2 1/2 inches of stone. Which makes your stone walls much thicker - taking valuable space from the inside of the building. The projects we’ve been working on with Porcelanosa were in very tight conditions. So, it was ideal to find the wall thickness takes up less space…

…I would definitely recommend Porcelanosa Facades. Especially if you’re considering doing a building in natural stone. You should instead consider using a porcelain panel skin for the building. It’s a very good option. Porcelanosa Facades is an excellent company, with a great system, and they’re very easy to work with.”

Manuel Glas, Principal
Manuel Glas Architects, New York, NY

Do you have a great project you’ve worked on with us that you’d like to see featured here?

Hit reply and let us know…

Your Porcelain Cladding Article

Making Your Facades Beautiful with Exterior Porcelain Cladding

In our last newsletter, we talked about the energy-saving benefits of using a ventilated façade. Today, we'd like to outline just a few of the features of our exterior porcelain cladding panels that can help you explore new options for a unique look for your building projects.

In our project example above, the architect took advantage of our Design Your Porcelain program to create his custom panel color. Whether you choose that route or use one of our wide range of available colors and textures, there are many benefits you'll find "baked" into all of our porcelain panels.

Let's look at a few benefits alongside comments from architects using our panel system for a while now.

True Aesthetic Versatility

You can achieve a classic, traditional, modern, decorative, or distinctive looks for your exterior facades with porcelain cladding. And you can even design your own porcelain panel. Our porcelain panels are more durable than a natural stone with greater design flexibility. You get superb technical performance with any look you create, from rich textured woods to shiny metallics, to natural stone and concrete finishes. Your design freedom is here.

"Just the myriad of different tile colors and textures to choose from. We're really looking forward to the next opportunity to use more of their different textures and colors on our projects."

Isaac-Daniel Astrachan, AIA, LEED AP, Principal
Stephen B. Jacobs Group, New York, NY


We rectify your porcelain panels at the factory before they leave the production line. "Rectified" means we grind the panel's edges after firing, so the size is more precise. Our rectifying process also means no shrinking or expansion of the porcelain panel after you've installed it on your building's exterior facade.

"The system's flexibility ends up with a clean look that is worthy of a museum. But the material's scale and patterning can still be consistent with a residential project."

Eric Robinson, AIA, LEED-AP, Principal & Co-Founder
RODE Architects, Boston, MA


The high density and 0.1% water absorption of our porcelain cladding panels don't allow dirt or graffiti to stick to them. When you install our porcelain panels in an open-joint cladding system, there is no efflorescence, no drips, or stains. So your cladding is maintenance-free.

You don't need any protective coatings. And you don't need any special solvents to clean graffiti. Just use denatured alcohol, and the graffiti easily wipes away.

"The feature I like most about Porcelanosa Facades is the quality of the product. The facade has been installed for six or seven years now, and it still looks outstanding -- brand new."

Cosmin Vrajitoru, President
ARCHEO Design Studio, Chicago, IL

As we said, all these advantages (and more) are available to you in all our porcelain panels.

That’s all for today. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading another issue of our newsletter’s updated format.

We’d love to hear what you think of it! What you’d like to hear more about… Or hear more about what you’re working on.

Just hit reply and let us know. We read every response.

Until next time, keep up the adventure…

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