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Porcelain stoneware panels, from the technical standpoint, is the BEST cladding material for your exterior facades

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Porcelain stoneware panels, from the technical standpoint, is the BEST cladding material for your exterior facades


To be clear, we're not talking about ceramic tile. Or even the standard porcelain tile we recommend for your building's interiors.

We're talking about technical porcelain. And that isn't just some fancy marketing label. It means we take your porcelain to another level by firing each panel so it absorbs no more than 0.1% of water.** Making it virtually impervious to moisture.

Compare that to tile industry standards for other tiles:


Water absorption


0.5% - 3.0%

Standard porcelain

≤ 0.5%

Technical porcelain

≤ 0.1%

Let's look at it another way... Glass has a water absortion rate of 0%. Our technical porcelain is at 0.1%

That means, glass is 100% impervious, and our porcelain cladding panels are 99.99% impervious. Not too shabby, right?

**Here’s an interesting fact worth knowing: Did you know it only takes an additional 25 degrees Celsius to go from ceramic to porcelain? It’s true. With that little bit of extra heat, the “vitrification” process occurs. Vitrifying means particles begin fusing to fill more of the remaining pores in the material – leading to the impervious porcelain qualities.

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Here's what all these percentages and comparison come down to... You and your client don't have to worry about thermal expansion & contraction, freeze-thaw, or efflorescence issues. Our cladding is ideal for any and all climate zones your projects require.

Exceeds all ICC Fire Resistance Requirements

Porcelain is a natural non-combustible material.

When coupled with our open joint cladding system, you'll meet all fire code requirements, including ASTM E119, NFPA 285 and ASTM E136.

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Made from earth-sourced materials

You get a truly weather-proof material that is beautiful and long lasting with panels we engineer from the earth.

We source our raw material (like kaolin, quartz, and feldspar) from the areas surrounding our advanced manufacturing facilities in Castellon, Spain. Providing a low carbon foot print, and a finished product that’s engineered to endure.

Non Porous and Graffiti Proof

With 0.1% water absorption, our porcelain panels are impervious.

So, you don’t need any protective coatings. And you don’t need any special solvents to clean graffiti... just use denatured alcohol and the graffiti easily wipes away.

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Freeze & Thaw Proof

Our porcelain exceeds the requirements of ASTM C1026 for freeze thaw, without cracking.

Even cut, exposed areas such as kerf saw cuts, mitered corner joints, or open corners don’t need sealing or coating. That means one less worry for you and less maintenance headaches for your client.

An all-weather material

Porcelain will stand up to the harshest of conditions

As a rainscreen cladding material, porcelain helps keep your building interior warm in cold ambient temperatures. In the hottest of summer porcelain helps keep your building interiors cool.

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Factory Rectified

We rectify your panels at the factory before they leave the production line.

“Rectified” means we grind the panel’s edges after firing, so the size is more precise. This also means no shrinking or expansion of the panel after it’s installed.

Does not rot or delaminate

Our porcelain panels are not layered or made from a wet slurry. Our modern manufacturing process ensures your porcelain panels are highly dense, strong and completely resistant to rot or delamination.

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High UV Resistance

Porcelain’s ingredients and our patented manufacturing process give you a finish that’s resistant to UV degradation for the lifetime of the panel.

Maintenance Free

The high density and extreme low absorption rates of porcelain doesn’t allow dirt or graffiti to stick to it.

Installed in an open joint cladding application, there is no efflorescence, no drips, and no stains. So your cladding is maintenance-free.

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True Aesthetic Versatility

You can achieve classic, traditional, modern, decorative, or distinctive looks. And even design your own.

Our porcelain panels are tougher than stone with greater design flexibility. You get superb technical performance with whichever look you create. From rich textured woods to shiny metallics, to natural stone and concrete finishes. Your design freedom is here.

See how Porcelain compares

Not all exterior materials are made the same. Check the chart below to see if Porcelanosa is a good choice for your next project.

Attribute Porcelain Fibercement Terracotta Metal (ACM) HPL UHPConcrete
Aesthetic Versatility Black check
Impervious to Water < 0.1% Black check Black check
Resilience to Water Black check Black check Black check Black check Black check
Non‐Combustible Black check Black check Black check
Resistance to High Wind Loads Black check Black check Black check Black check
High Texture Freedom Black check Black check