Bishop O'Connell School

Arlington, VA


Maginniss + Del Ninno Architects




Pillar Construction

Market Segment


Build Type

New Build & Re-Clad



Bishop O Connel School 1 72x 50

Bishop O'Connel School 1

3,500 square feet of Technic Nieve porcelain panels were used on the exterior of the main front entrance of the school, and the porcelain cladding was integrated inside the atrium of the school, which connects the different wings of the school together.
Technic Technic Nieve


Bishop O Connel School 2 72x 50

Bishop O'Connel School 2

The new entryway and atrium design allowed for the school to integrate multiple open study and lounge areas for its students, and also created space for a much needed new elevator in the school.
Bishop O Connel School 3 72x 50

Bishop O'Connel School 3

Located in Arlington, VA, Bishop O’Connell High School is a private Catholic high school that is home to over 1,100 students. The school was originally founded in 1957, and renovation began in 2018.
Bishop O Connel School 4 72x 50

Bishop O'Connel School 4

Bishop O Connel School 5 72x 50

Bishop O'Connel School 5

Bishop O Connel School 6 72x 50

Bishop O'Connel School 6

Bishop O Connel School 7 72x 50

Bishop O'Connel School 7

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