Hastings School

Lexington, MA






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Hastings School 1 72x 50

Hastings School 1

Maria Hastings Elementary School was originally built in 1955, and was a single-level school. Its new building has 3 stories and was constructed 15 feet away from the existing school - which had remained occupied throughout construction and opened in time for the start of the 2020-2021 school year.
Concrete Cover Silver


Hastings School 2 72x 50

Hastings School 2

The building is wrapped with 6,000 square feet of Cover Silver Timber Nature, which is a light grey wood-look porcelain panel, and is accented by brickwork.
Hastings School 3 72x 50

Hastings School 3

Hastings School 4 72x 50

Hastings School 4

The new building’s design was developed to help reduce the school’s overall carbon footprint.
Hastings School 5 72x 50

Hastings School 6

Hastings School 6 72x 50

Hastings School 5

Porcelanosa’s porcelain ventilated facades are designed to ensure maximum energy savings and noise reduction. The open- joint cladding, continuous insulation, and thermally broken support system significantly improve the building's thermal envelope, thus helping the building retain more heat in cold months, and keep cooler in warm months. In addition to the façade’s eco-friendly benefits, the new school building also features solar panels on its roof and geothermal walls.

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